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About Us

About the Founder

Suffered In Silence Incorporated was created in honor of the founder’s sister, Cheryl Joseph, who passed away in December of 2018. Cheryl was a veteran serving both the Army and Navy. Her injuries during her Navy service resulted in her receiving multiple surgeries on her ankles that never healed properly. However, she reached out tirelessly to find the medical care necessary to thrive in civilian life. She tried on more than one occasion to apply for disability benefits and was denied each instance. On that fateful December night, her dreaded ankle injury developed a clot that took her life. Cheryl was not alone in her struggle to receive the proper medical care or in the lack of understanding of how to navigate the complex government systems. These bureaucracies often cause those that need the most help to give up on receiving the care that they are entitled. 

Cheryl had a passion for helping those less fortunate. She dedicated timeless hours volunteering and was an avid benefactor of many non-profits. Suffered in Silence Inc. was founded to keep her spirit of giving alive. 

Suffered In Silence Incorporated is designed to be a resource so that no one falls through the cracks because they lacked the resources needed to regain their life and livelihood. We never want anyone to feel that cost is a burden to receiving the help they need. Join us in helping each person to find their voice.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to give each person on the verge of hopelessness their voice once more. Whether it’s a small thing like a meal or one-on-one attention on the correct way to seek rehabilitation, Suffered In Silence Incorporated believes that no person should feel alone. Speak up and Speak out! Your voice matters in the seas of senseless noise.

Our Partners

We are fortunate to work with a variety of partners who share our passion and vision to shape the world and make a difference.  Our partners are true collaborators and vital components of our mission.


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